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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (positioning or placement) is the process of achieving higher rankings by utilizing the proper keywords and description for your site. Better Age will analyze and choose the right keywords for your business, design your site to rank higher for those keywords, and submit your site to the major search engines. Many times, the keywords or phrases that the Web site owner believes are important are not the same keywords or phrases that the Web site visitors are using to find similar sites. Better Age will help you analyze your keywords for your visitors.


There are many steps to this process, finding the right keywords, checking proper word count and percentage of keywords, all html tags are properly optimized and more. Your site should be optimized before the submission process begins.


Ph:  (954) 588-5678
Email: info@betterage.net


Search Engine Submission

  • Increase your web site traffic.
  • Better Age not only submits your site, but will also optimize your site for your keywords.
  • Build your business' awareness at a low cost.
With Better Age,  you will:
  • Know that your site will be submitted properly.
  • Avoid common mistakes with expert search engine submission.
  • Have your site submitted on a weekly basis to the top Search Engines.
  • Receive monthly reports detailing the submission process and results.
Better Age will submit one page from your site per week to the following Search Engines: Google (www.google.com), DirectHit (www.directhit.com), HotBot (www.hotbot.com), Excite (www.excite.com), WebCrawler (www.webcrawler.com), Lycos (www.lycos.com), AllTheWeb (www.alltheweb.com), AOL (search.aol.com), MSN (www.msn.com), GoTo (www.goto.com), Yahoo Web Pages (www.yahoo.com), go.com (www.go.com), go2net (www.go2net.com), DogPile (www.dogpile.com), Search (www.search.com), Mamma (www.mamma.com), MetaCrawler (www.metacrawler.com) and MonsterCrawler (www.monstercrawler.com).

Better Age also submits your Web site to the following Search Engines: Open Directory (www.dmoz.org), Altavista (www.altavista.com), and NBCi (www.nbci.com).

Optional Search Engines are:
Yahoo Web Sites (www.yahoo.com) $199 additional per domain LookSmart (www.looksmart.com) $199 additional per domain Netscape (search.netscape.com) $99 additional per domain.

Why don't you submit to more Search Engines? You have probably seen advertisements promoting others that submit to 1,000 or 2,000 or even more Search Engines. I simply ask, where are those Search Engines? How many of those Search Engines can you name? Many of those companies do not even list their 1,000 Search Engines on their site, they only list a sample, many of which none has ever heard of. Several of those Search Engines that they submit to receive less than 200 visits per month. Better Age's site receives more visitors than that. I only submit to the major Search Engines and I also give you the Web addresses of each.

Top four Search Engines amount to 71% of all searches:

  1. Yahoo 31%
  2. Google 19%
  3. MSN 16%
  4. AOL 7%
  5. All Others under 5% each

When will I start seeing results? It typically takes anywhere from a couple of days to several of months (depending on the engine) for the Search Engine to index your site. The rest depends upon your site and your industry.

How do I sign up? Contact Better Age at (954) 588-5678 e-mail at info@betterage.net.

Why should I use Better Age Submission?
Over 85% of all web surfers use search engines and directories to find what they need on the web. Our specialist software ensures that the required conditions and procedures are observed for search engine listing.

How long does it take before my web site is indexed on the search engines and directories?
We instantly submits your site to 15 major search Engines search engines and directories. It takes up to 6-8 weeks for URL's to appear in some search engines and directories, and in others, new submissions are added in shorter time. One reason for this delay is   the fact that some search tools are currently overloaded with new registrations.

Great Value
Better Age Clients can use the service as a once-off free service.

Further Submissions
Submissions should be made once a month to maximize your chance of getting and maintaining a high Search Engine Position Rating for your website. 

Detailed reports are emailed to you when a submission is made.

Please enter information about your Better Age Website once in this master form. We will set this information as meta tags in your web pages and send your website information to 15 major search engines and directories. See list on left side of this page.

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EXAMPLE : If you are promoting the Forest Hotel in Athlone specializing in Wedding Receptions, your Website Title should be "Forest Hotel in Athlone specializing in Wedding Receptions"

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Please enter up to 255 characters (that's around 30 words) as your site description (no commas):

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Keyword #1
Keyword #2
Keyword #3
Keyword #4
Keyword #5

Keyword #6

Keyword #7
Keyword #8

Keyword #9

PLEASE NOTE : Use words and/or phrases

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